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Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle technique of infusing the colon with water to assist in the elimination of toxic bodily waste. The combination of change of diet and colon cleansing, can add life and energy to your years. If you feel bogged down, tired, achy and stressed, try a cleansing program to get you back on track to rejuvenation!

The colonics are done with a closed system and a registered technician therapist. All therapists have 10 or more years experience.

$65 per session

What You Need to Know

Generally it is not any more uncomfortable than an enema, most times less. The water flows in very slowly and temperature of water can be adjusted for comfort.
A colonic is equivalent to 12 to 15 enemas back to back in volume of water without the multiple insertions. Rarely is a person able to reach the ascending colon area and certainly cannot expand the colon slightly to encourage more release
Once the speculum with hose attached, is inserted, the water goes into the colon through a small hose and the fecal matter exits through a larger hose directly into equipment to the sewer. There is no smell or mess. This system is the envy of nurses everywhere.
No. Certain medical conditions require a doctor’s prescription specifying that it is okay to have the therapy. Example: Heart, kidney, and liver diseases. Therapist will ask questions regarding medical conditions prior to booking appointment.
Colon hydrotherapy sessions can assist you in your diet changes and health enhancement goals. Ridding our bodies of old fecal matter due to bad diet, and constipation, the liver can detoxify and get your lymph system moving. Eventually through serious cleansing and diet change our body will rejuvenate. It is possible for old fecal matter to contain prior foods that we have eaten, and are very sensitive to, or even allergic. Fecal matter can be in colon for years. Marbles, a barbie shoe, and toothpicks have been seen exiting.
We allow one hour per session and not more than one session in a day per person. We have had requests for longer sessions, but it is not recommended.