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My journey, of changing my life style eating habits, began over 29 years ago. Inspired by the book, Fit for Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, I started food combining three days after my last son was born. The accumulated 65 pounds did not disappear after his birth, making me feel like a ponderous elephant. Much to my amazement the natural food combining and timing of meals melted off the fat in 3 months.

Usually it would take me as long as three years to get rid of the extra weight after giving birth. Another side effect, not weight loss, was glowing health! The dark circles around my eyes, cellulite, and sluggish energy also left. My family also held to the diet change and none of us visited a doctor again for sore throats and ear infections, which used to be a constant battle with a large family.

All of this led up to a point six years later, when I suddenly could not eliminate. Constipation! Yuck! I had started jogging but had not increased my water intake. I could feel a large baseball size lump in my ascending colon area. Freaking out I did six enemas to no avail. Miserable and unable to go to the bathroom for three days, my massage therapist gave me a number for colon hydrotherapy. I will be forever grateful to her for that recommendation.

One colonic cured my problem, but I learned a lot during the session. Increasing my water intake got rid of any future problems, but I also did a series of colon cleansing herbs and colonics which increased my bowel movements per day. I’m happy to say, my health is great! I would encourage anyone to pursue cleansing their bodies to get rid of toxins.

Be kind to your body and feed your natural repair kit. Eat organic non-GMO foods and combine them properly. Do regular cleanses to boost your immune system. When you do this you will see amazing results! Twenty years of experience as a colon hydrotherapist and seeing amazing results happen in conjunction with diet change should encourage you to take the challenge to change your life. Add life to your years!